Breakfast With Orangutan & Flamingo Beach Club


Check out the awesome Breakfast With Orangutan at Bali Zoo & Flamingo Beach Club Experience package! It’s like a two-for-one deal that’ll give you an unforgettable time in Bali.

So, imagine kicking off your day with a delicious breakfast, but here’s the twist – you’ll be hanging out with cute Orangutans at their playground. I mean, breakfast at a zoo is cool, but having breakfast with Orangutans takes it to a whole new level, right? This is the first time it’s happening in Indonesia, thanks to Bali Zoo. You get to chow down like a boss while chilling with the jungle bosses themselves – Orangutans!

But wait, there’s more! After the zoo adventure, head on over to the Flamingo Beach Club for a super chill day at the beach. Think sunbathing, great food, yummy cocktails, and groovy music – all in one place. It’s the ultimate combo for an awesome Bali experience!

Inclusion :

Breakfast With Orangutans at Bali Zoo
3 Course Lunch Included
Round Trip Hotel Transfers
Shower Room & Towel
Free Swim and Foam Party
Seated at Sun Bed or Indoor
Insurance Provided

IDR 1.450.000
IDR 1.305.000

IDR 1.150.000
IDR 1.035.000

Note : non-refundable ticket